Aerit is a sustainable drone delivery service founded in 2021 from Stockholm, Sweden. Our mission is the democratization of access to goods and services regardless of location, weather, time of day, or personal ability.

Our delivery platform connects businesses with their customers using our Nimbi drones. Nimbi is capable of delivering up to 4kg of payload at a range of 6km from our hub (12km round trip).

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As a courier service, Aerit can deliver anything you want from Värmdö Köpcentrum via our concierge desk feature. The limiting factors are our range (see image below), our payload (4kg), and total volume (10L).

We also have direct partnerships and offerings from several vendors in Värmdö Köpcentrum including Sasta Café, Värmdö Pizzeria, Subway, Flavour of India, McDonalds, and Willy’s with many more to come. These are directly available for order through our platform without contacting our concierge desk.

After signing up the Aerit team carries out an initial review of your application. If your home is within our coverage area, and we can identify a clear flight path to reach your yard or a nearby public access point, your application is identified for stage two.

In stage two of the application, the Aerit team identifies an ideal delivery point on your property or nearby public point using a combination of publicly available data, drone sensors, and survey tools. An ideal flight path is generated and your account is approved for orders.

Using the current on-boarding methodology, we review applications as they come in and approve accounts once a week.

Once your account is approved, you can log in to the platform and order or request items as you please!

After your account has been approved there are two options for ordering via our service:

Web store:
This option works like a traditional online shopping experience – choose the items you want from the available restaurants and stores, place them in your cart, choose a delivery time, and pay. The Aerit team will collect your order and fly it directly to the delivery point in your yard.

Concierge Desk:
Fill out the form found on the concierge tab, or call our concierge team to place an order. This is a great option for items that are not yet listed on our web store.

Aerit is currently available on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) from 1100-1830. You can can pre-order and schedule a delivery for the weekend at any time throughout the week. We will be adding more weekdays soon!

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